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Mulai Karir Anda Bersama Kami

Mulai Karir Anda Bersama Kami


The need for courier services has become a vital part in today’s society. For this reason, we provide useful informations that are frequently asked by our customers. Please read on.

(Q) How wide is TIKINDO’s coverage area?
(A) We can cover all major cities around Indonesia and around the world.

(Q) What kind of goods do you ship or deliver?
(A) We deliver all kinds of goods (Except Prohibited and Dangerous Goods) at any size and shape such as: parcels, documents and heavy cargo project.

(Q) What are the terms and conditions of shipping goods?
(A) Shipping terms and conditions are made to make such that shippers realize their rights and responsibilities.

(Q) How can we claim for undelivered or lost shipment?
(A) Claim would be done by showing the consignment note to the TIKINDO office where you send your goods or you can contact our Customer Service Hotline +62-21-422 7760.

(Q) Can you tell me TIKINDO’s locations?
(A) TIKINDO has its offices in almost all Indonesia provinces, and they are strategically located in your neighborhood.

(Q) Are there any replacement for lost shipments?
(A) Yes, lost shipment can be replaced by 10 times of the freight cost for domestic service and for international compensation max. is USD 100. However, for insured shipment any lost/damaged shipments are covered completely.

(Q) Can we track our shipment?
(A) Yes, by calling our Customer Service Hotline +62-21-422 7760.

(Q) Is there any guarantee for a shipment to be delivered on time?
(A) Please click here.

(Q) How long will it take to deliver shipment?
(A) For Domestic, it will take 3-4 working days for major cities in Indonesia. Over Night Service (ONS) is 1 working day. Two Day Service is 2 working days and International service is 3-4 working days. Please click here.


We Are Ready to Serve You

We Are Ready to Serve You

Please call us for Hotline services on 021-2907 8833 (Hunting), we ready to help you.

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